Minibus transfer Novi Sad – Airport Belgrade – Novi Sad

Everyday departures 

Transfer to and from Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” or the city of Belgrade to the address that the passenger chooses. We have everyday departures from addresses in Novi Sad that passenger chooses,we wait for our passengers at the airport and we drive back from the airport to the address the passenger chooses. All of our vehicles are comfortable, have a/c , we can provide child seats if necessary and all of our drivers are professionals.

We are not taxi service, we are a travel agency that offers a high quality transportation.

If you contact us in timely fashion ( one day in advance) be sure that we will have a seat/vehicle for you and your needs.

For transfers to the city of Belgrade, waiting,as well as transfers from the surroundings of Novi Sad additional charges may apply.(you can always contact us via form or phone) We offer you two types of transfers:

Shared transfers

Me try to make a group transfer for more people who have same flight or different flights in close time period. We are than, based on number of passengers lowering the prices of ticket ,from 3800 RSD per person to 1000RSD per person,which depends from both number of passengers and number of addresses we have to go to. The departures are not set for a specific time of the day,but will be formed based on the passengers needs and their flights. The most common route is Novi Sad-Belgrade freeway(E75), but in some cases we can take the route over Iriski Venac and Belgrade-Zagreb freeway(E70), if our departures are from the addresses that are on the Sremska Kamenica side of the Danube. The departures to the airport are 3 hours before the booked flight, or more (if more passengers are driving for different flights). Departures from the airport are in a 30 minute period after the passenger gets of the plane and meets with our driver,which depends wheter there are more passengers in that close time period. The reservations for this type of transfer have to be made at least a day before the trip. For reservation less than 3 hours before the departure of our vehicle from Novi Sad, doesn’t matter if it is a transfer to or from the airport, there is an additional charge of 1000 RSD per vehicle.

Private transfers

Private transfers are transfers without any additonal passengers, they are fully formed based on the needs of a client , from choosing the time the client wishes to go, to choosing any address in both Novi Sad and Belgrade he/she wishes to go to. The routes for these transfers are Novi Sad-Belgrade freeway(E75) or Belgrade-Zagreb freway(E70),depending on the starting/ending address. For these transfers the reservations are needed to be made at least one day in advance. For reservation less than 3 hours before the needed transfer (to or from Novi Sad)additional charge of 1000RSD is applied per vehicle.

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